Consulting and analysis

Your demand – our job.

Consulting and Analysis

We check project-related requirements and criteria for you according to common standards such as BSI basic protection or the data center standard EN 50600, determine technical structures as well as requirements and formulate your solution from them.

Data centers are the heart of future-oriented companies / organizations. This makes it all the more important to obtain an optimally coordinated solution. In doing so, it is important to consider building technology requirements as well as the possibilities of a modern organization of planning and construction processes. With the combination of prefabrication of components, and planning that is designed from the outset for lean structures, we achieve high-performance equipment with convincing functionality. The solutions of our systems, which have been thought through down to the last detail, result in the smallest possible space and resource requirements.

  • Compact server rooms with intelligent construction technology

  • A safe place for your central IT

  • Planning, realisation, modernisation, expansion

… and we’ll talk about your needs-based solution!