IT compact

Series PS200

Conect IT-Compact Data-Center
the data center solution up to 200 kW

series PS200

The complete solution for secure IT operations. Reliable and fail-safe. Specially developed by us for the needs of modern IT and built with all the features of technical operating requirements to meet the special requirements of high packing densities of active IT components during connection and operation. Our solutions can be scaled up to high-security units. Construction technology, safety, energy efficiency, availability – integrated into the system as standard in the power classes up to 200 kW.

PS200 – for solutions over 40 Rack

  • For installation in existing rooms in F90 up to compliance with the limit values according to EN 1047
  • Rack each 660 mm wide, 46U height
  • IT cooler above the rack, up to 35 kW per unit
  • E-supply in 19″ construction with surface graphics and imprinted operating texts
  • Standard PDU rack, up to 2000 mm height
  • UPS 19″ as stand-alone solution
  • PS-E monitoring system in 19″ construction
  • Entrance door RC2, optionally up to RC4
  • Enclosure for recooler
  • Air dehumidification
  • Option extinguishing system
  • Compact server rooms with intelligent construction technology

  • A safe place for your central IT

  • Planning, realisation, modernisation, expansion

… and we’ll talk about your needs-based solution!